Porpisio has moved! Porpisio si è trasferito! www.porpisio.com is born.

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Hi there! my NEW website is ONLINE NOW !!!! reach to me! Many news, photos and art is stored and wait only yours eyes!

Ciao a tutti! Mi sono trasferito nel mio nuovo dominio, porpisio.com
Tante novità, nuova arte e curiosità sul mondo della scultura vi attendono... RAGGIUNGETEMI QUI SUBITO!

Bonjour à tous! Mon nouveau website, plein de nouvautès, photos et mes recherches artistiques dans le royaume de la sculpture vous attendent impatient! Merci de me rejoindre ICI!ET MAINTENANT! ^ ^ bye!

Welcome! Explore my website in 2D for a new life in 3D!

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Hi there! And welcome at all! In this blog you will be able to see my production, great part of the sculptures that I have modeled in the past few years. In the left column you will be able to move through the sections of this website. If you are interested in the making-of in real 3D of one character of yours, for example for a film or a videogame or maybe a gadget or a toy for your publishing house, write-me via email NOW! I am your man! Enjoy.